Integration Mautic-Zoho plugin

  • Hello,
    I:undefined:’:undefined:m trying to configure Zoho integration plugin. I have compiled email and password and configured the field mapping. I have checked in :undefined:“:undefined:Features:undefined:”:undefined: tab all Zoho Objects to pull data from: Leads, Contacts and Accounts.
    I added a new contact in Mautic but it is not reported in Zoho, and vice versa.
    There is a log (Error log in System Info don:undefined:’:undefined:t report it) where I can found errors?
    Can someone help me pls?

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

  • Hi @adamlevine ,

    are any of these (Zoho and Mautic) installed on Cloudron? I don't see either of these in the app store of cloudron.