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GitHub Pages usage?

  • Hi all,

    I'm curious on how the GitHub Pages app is meant to be used. I get how it works with GitHub, push a repo to GitHub and it gets published on a GitHub subdomain. I'm not clear on how this is meant to work in combination with Cloudron.

    What I'd like to do is host a Jekyll repo on my Cloudron Gitea instance, and use the GitHub Pages app to render it. Is that possible? I tried something similar a while back and ran to issues, but I forget what they were offhand. Anyone have any suggestions on a workflow to do this?


  • I've reproduced my issue. These are my steps:

    • create directory and git init
    • gem install bundler jekyll
    • jekyll new my-awesome-site
    • git add .
    • git commit -m 'initial commit'
    • git remote add page https://my.domain/_git/page
    • git push page master
    • push succeeds

    At this point my issue is that when I go to my GitHub pages site, I only get this error and an empty page "Cannot GET /"

  • Staff

    I agree, we have to improve the documentation page. Generally I wrote the app for one customer and I never used github pages myself, so likely it is not following the common workflow. Any suggestions are welcome.

    To answer your question, two things have to be changed:

    1. the git repo has to be inside the my-awesome-site directory and that one has to be pushed.
    2. jekyll version 3.6.2 is deployed with the app, so your Gemfile has to reference that version.

    As said please let me know how the app should be improved to make it more compliant with the github flow.

  • Thanks, that resolved my issue.

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