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  • When I log in to Nextcloud and look at the apps I noticed that only the official apps are present. I looked at the logs and saw that the Nextcloud docker image is unable to resolve Nextcloud and Github which is preventing the app store within Nextcloud from updating. Is this by design? If it isn't is there a recommended way to fix the issue that won't compromise security?

  • Staff

    @Rez We don't block installing of non-official apps in Nextcloud. I think most likely the dns resolution is not working because the unbound service is not running on the box. Can you check this:

    systemctl status unbound

    If the above says not running, please try restarting it with these commands:

    sudo unbound-anchor -a /var/lib/unbound/root.key
    systemctl restart unbound

  • You were right. "unbound" was failed. Turns out IPV6 was disabled which was causing "unbound" to fail and in turn causing the issues with resolving domain names in Nextcloud. This is a vanilla install of Ubuntu 16 LTS so I'm not sure what happened. I enabled IPV6 and rebooted and everything started working. Thanks for the tip.