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SOLVED Outbound email with Google

  • I am trying to set up outgoing email using Google and I'm getting a Connection timeout error.

    Is there any way to determine what the problem is?

    0_1535082972047_Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 10.54.46 AM.jpg

  • Staff

    Can you verify, that you can reach the server on port 587 just fine on the server? This can be tested on a ssh connection to your server and then attempting telnet 587

    Also you might want to take a look at the system logs at journatlct list box, maybe they give more hints.

  • Here are the logs when I try to connect to the server, I've manually changed my logs to point to

    Aug 25 00:04:00 node[23958]: Sat, 25 Aug 2018 00:03:59 GMT connect-lastmile Bad Request : Connection timeout
    Aug 25 00:04:00 node[23958]: Box POST /api/v1/mail/ 400 5003.952 ms - 64
    Aug 25 00:04:00 node[23958]: box:scheduler sync: synchronizing global state with installed app state
    Aug 25 00:04:00 node[23958]: box:scheduler sync: done

    When trying to telnet the command just freezes on the following

    root@my:/home# telnet 587
  • Staff

    If you can ping those IPs (ping successfully, then this is most likely a firewall issue. May it be possible that your VPS provider blocks outbound connections to that port?

  • Staff

    @scottharvey Are you on Google Cloud?

  • @girish I am using Digital Ocean, I found someone suggesting to contact Digital Ocean support in order to open port 587. I sent them an email and I'm just waiting for a reply.

  • After contacting Digital Ocean support and answering a few questions about my email usage they unblocked port 587 so I can send email now. Thanks for the help.