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SOLVED Migration with a lot of data via rsync

  • For a migration to Cloudron I would like to pull over a larger amount of data. If possible not via "Upload to tmp" but via rsync.
    However, I need a SSH key, which I cannot create because of read-only.
    Is there a possibility? Maybe via the host system?

  • The question should be more precise: "can I create and use an SSH key within Cloudron (to access a remote machine)"?
    RSYNC with password authentication is of course possible.

  • Staff

    Getting a direct ssh connection into an app is not possible. All apps run in a separate container and are isolated from the main system. Depending on the app however, most apps have a read/write folder mounted from the host system into the container to store data. For example nextcloud is setup like this. The folder is located in /home/yellowtent/appsdata/<appid>/data/ and you could rsync data into this folder with the regular ssh connection to your server. You can easily see the appid if you open either the logs viewer of the app in question and take the appid from the browers url bar. Please note that this is merely a workaround so far and it depends on the app, if it correctly will pickup the data there.