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SOLVED DNS API provider is not listed

  • Hello,
    My domain provider is infomaniak from Switzerland, how i can realiably use manual settings. Also, PTR settings are not working, not in Plesk, nor in infomaniak.

    I am planning to quit Plesk and move to cloudron.

  • Staff

    @ihtsham Welcome aboard!

    To keep things simple, I recommend using the wildcard DNS provider:

    1. Create a VPS. Make a note of it's IP
    2. Create 2 DNS A records: One for * and another for to point to the IP. Note that all your existing DNS records will be safe and will not be overriden by the wildcard domain. For example, if you had already in your DNS, it will continue to work since the wildcard entry has lower priority.
    3. Now choose the wildcard provider in the Cloudron setup screen.

    Finally, for the PTR record, this is a special DNS entry. This is not part of your DNS! It's part of your VPS server interface. Each provider has a different way of setting this PTR record -

  • Dear Girish,
    I thank you for your amazing support.

    I have contacted the VPS provider and he informed that my VPS is already set for one PTR record. Let me tell you that this VPS hosts many clients. I have created a mail server & installed cloudron to offer one of my client with Sogo webmail, by changing MX record of his domain. Will it work this way?
    Our current email service by Plesk , roundcube is not impressive at all. So, i bought a new VPS and installed your cloudorn on it. Now i plan to install/keep only cloudron on this VPS and using it as a mail server for my clients, by pointing MX records to this server. seems Feasible?
    thank you.

  • Staff

    @ihtsham Yes, if you change the MX record of the client's domain to Cloudron's main domain i.e When you have more clients, you can point all their MX domains to the same