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SOLVED Location of the App Directory for uploading files by FTP

  • Hi,

    I have wordpress installed and have two issues.

    1. I wish to know the path to the wp-uploads folder so that I can SFTP into that folder and upload stuff.

    2. The duplicator plugin (for migrating sites) gives an error that the directories are unwritable by php user. Any solutions or workabouts for this please? Can I set the permissions to 777 through SFTP or SSH?

    Thank you community!

  • Staff


    the application's data path can be found at /home/yellowtent/appsdata/<appId>/data/ and that is the only writeable path for apps (besides /tmp and /run of course). This is done for security as well as predictability for updates. Usually if you push data there through external means like SSH, you might have to reconfigure the app through the dashboard, in case the file permissions are not correct. Generally it is preferred that data changes are done via the app itself, which I guess is not quite applicable for your use-case though.

    For duplicator, from what I understand this migration script is mostly just creating a tarball/zipfile of the whole previous installation and then extracts it into a folder, which is served up by some LAMP environment. This is incompatible with the Cloudron WordPress package, for reasons mentioned above (mostly the read-only fashion) For this you probably have to fallback to the LAMP app itself. There it should work.