Unknown LDAP problem

  • Hi there.
    After updating Cloudron to V3.4.0 I can't log in into my SOGo webmail client. Every time I enter email and password it says that password and username don't match.
    After digging into logs I've found these records:

    Dec 16 18:26:58 sogod [33]: <0x0x563e51869100[LDAPSource]> NAME:LDAPException REASON:operation bind failed: Other (e.g., implementation specific) error (0x50) INFO:{"error_code" = 80; login = "cn=user@domain.tld,domain=domain.tld,ou=mailboxes,dc=cloudron"; }
    Dec 16 18:26:58 sogod [33]: SOGoRootPage Login from '' for user 'user@domain.tld' might not have worked - password policy: 65535 grace: -1 expire: -1 bound: 0

    What might be the source of this issue and how can I fix it?

  • Hi @Bounz I also have this same problem. Have you been able to figure it out?

  • @gofaniyi Unfortunately no ☹

  • @Bounz Hi, sorry you are still stuck with this problem. But I reached out to the support team via email and they responded that I should update my Cloudron version. After doing this, all the problem was resolved. So you might want to reachout to them support@cloudron.io and also check for updates under Cloudron dashboard > Settings

  • @Bounz Yes, this is fixed in the latest release. Can you send an email to support@cloudron.io with your cloudron domain and we will make the update available to you.

    (We push out updates in batches since we have a large number of cloudron installations and monitor update progress as we push it out).

  • Thank you, @gofaniyi and @girish!
    Now everything works.

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