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How to use cloudron without a domain name or opening ports?

  • I really want to get cloudron setup on my home server, and I already installed it in a Ubuntu VM. But the setup is forcing me to use a domain name, how can I bypass this?

    I do not want to use a domain name, I dont want to use lets encrypt, I dont want to open ports on my router. I have a VPN setup that I use to access all my stuff and I have no intentions of ever ever opening up any of my servers to the internet.

    Please there must be a way to bypass this and use cloudron without a domain name, and opening ports on my router.

  • Staff

    @relink Cloudron does not work without a domain name. Many features like DNS integration, certificate management, reverse proxy setup etc all require a domain name.

    Maybe you can try a setup like this:

    1. Pick an imaginary domain name like relink.home
    2. Choose the noop (only for development) DNS provider.
    3. In Advanced section, choose Self signed certificates

    In your router/DNS, just add entries for *.relink.home and relink.home to the server's IP. Alternately, add those entires to the /etc/hosts of your PC. You should then be able to reach, my.relink.home and install apps.

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