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SOLVED Problems with Cloudron on multiple servers

  • I set up to separate VPSs (on DigitalOcean), each using the Cloudron one-click droplet image, so I didn't have to install it on them. I want to deploy different applications to each, instead of both apps on one server. DNS is on Cloudflare and all looks OK. The servers have different IP addresses.

    I went through the configuration of one server (going to https://<IP> etc) and all was OK. I can get to the Clourdon app at I went to the second server to configure Cloudron (again going to https://<Other-IP>, intending to set it up at, but never got that far because it's directing me back to the first one at as soon as I try to go to the IP address.

    Confused about what's happening.

  • Staff

    @redponey What you are doing appears correct. Let me contact you via email to get the two IP addresses.

  • Staff

    @redponey Did your problem get sorted out?