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Wallabag is back!

  • Staff

    The upstream wallabag authors have enabled support for PG10. This means that Wallabag now works in the latest Cloudron version. We have pushed out a new version and it's now available for all -

    Note that for installations "stuck" in Cloudron 3.2.3, we will enable updates so that they catch up to the latest release (which is 3.5.2)

  • Staff

    We have started pushing out Cloudron updates slowly for 3.2.3 cloudrons. Note that if you have ownCloud, your Cloudron will still be stuck on the old release. I have asked upstream devs for a timeline for ownCloud release but they haven't responded.

  • The current version of Wallabag is 2.3.8 (, Cloudron packages 2.3.6...

    Fixes since then:

    • Add ability to match many domains for credentials #3937
    • Enable no-referrer on img tags, enable strict-origin-when-cross-origin by default #3943
    • Fix Intl Locale issue #3964
    • material: fix left padding on non-entry pages #3901
    • Make dev/install/update script posix compatible #3860
    • epub: fix exception when articles have the same title #3908
    • Fix PHP warning #3909
    • material: add metadata to list view #3942
    • Remove preview picture from share view page #3922
    • Fix bad order parameter in the API #3841
    • Update composer.json to add php-tidy (ext-tidy) #3853
    • Add dedicated email for site config issue #3861
    • Fix read & starred status in Pocket import #3819
    • Fix broken 2 factor auth logo image #3869
    • Fix CORS for API #3882
    • Add support of expect parameter to change return object when deleting entry #3887
    • epub export: fix missing cover image, only for exports of one article #3886
    • Allow optional --ignore-root-warning #3885
    • material: fix left padding of content on medium screens #3893
    • material: hide creation date from card actions on specific sizes #3894

  • Staff

    @necrevistonnezr Good catch! The upstream version is incorrect - Cloudron is already on 2.4 actually (it's from the dev branch even).

    I will fix up the description to state the right version.

  • @girish said in Wallabag is back!:

    Cloudron is already on 2.4 actually

    This is not the case --- currently my instance's About shows "Version: 2.3.7-dev". So, please update to 2.3.8

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