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SOLVED Error uploading large dataset

  • Hey there, it's me again. 😅

    I'm stilling having trouble making a backup of my Nextcloud installation as shown here:
    Can you please help me? This goes on for days now and I'm getting a little bit nervous about not having a backup ...


  • Staff

    @RoboMod Sure, sorry for the no response in the other thread. From the logs in the other post, the error is Message: Connection timed out after 300000ms HTTP Code: TimeoutError. Maybe the server becomes unreachable because of some network error? Is that possible in your setup?

  • Thanks for the reply. I'm trying to test the bandwidth for now. Is there any way to stop or kill the backup process for an app?

  • Staff

    @RoboMod Currently, there is no UI for this (never been happy with that create backup UI but that's another story). On the server,

    ps aux | grep apptask
    kill -9 <the pid above>

    That will kill the backup task, you will have to re-configure (don't restore from backup) to bring the app back up.

  • @girish Thanks for that. The backup crashed while you answered so that wasn't necessary anymore.

    This issue still remains. I figured out that my minio instance was a bit outdated. So I upgraded to the release from 2019-03-12. But still the backup runs quite well for some time and then time out errors occure again and again until the backup crashes at all. Today I checked the files stored at "snapshot" in my minio backup instance before starting the backup. There were files remaining from the crashed backup. When I started the backup process again, all those files were deleted and the upload started from the beginning. Is it really necessary to do that?

    In the logs, I found this line:

    Mar 13 08:50:42 box:apptask updating app with values: {"installationProgress":"30, Removed 1020 files"}

    Do you have any suggestions what I can do about this issue?

  • Staff

    @RoboMod Are you able to ping me on our chat so we can debug this together?