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Does Cloudron provides managed server.?

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    I was searching for the managed cloud server on the internet and my search brought me to Cloudron. However, I didn't find anything regarding the managed cloud server on the Cloudron official. So, what cloudron is actually doing, Is it providing the conventional server as the likes of DigitalOcean doing or is it the third party host who is more focused on providing the managed server of DigitalOcean any other popular server as the likes of Cloudways is doing.

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    @KathleenMcArthur Cloudron is a software solution that makes it easy to install and manage apps on your server. The server itself can be from any VPS provider like DigitalOcean, EC2, Linode, your data center or even your home. You can try our demo to get a feel of what Cloudron provides - (username: cloudron password: cloudron).

    What this means is that you have to initially setup a server and install Cloudron on it. After that the management hassle should be very low. Please note that we are also now listed in the DO market place - So it's a single click now to install Cloudron. Updates for apps and platform is totally automatic, so you don't have to really manage anything.

    Finally, we do have managed hosting as well where we provision the servers and setup custom rules based on your requirements. This is currently not actively advertised and we only provide this for enterprise customers (+yearly billing). If you are interested in this, please reach out to us at

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