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UNSOLVED Additional Ubuntu Hardening

  • I'm planning to colo a small server to host my cloudron, and want to make sure I've got it secure enough without getting in the way of Cloudron. I'm going to follow most of the advice in the Cloudron security guide. Beyond that, there are a few other things I can think of:

    During setup, does Cloudron already do any of those steps anyways, and / or would they conflict with Cloudron (e.g. does it rely on any unsigned PPAs)? As much as possible, I'd love to rely on Cloudron to handle this so I don't have to think about it.

  • Staff

    Generally doing any additional system configuration or removing/adding other ubuntu packages to the system is not supported, since we cannot test such variations for updates.

    Cloudron already only installs signed packages. Enabling livepatch should be ok to do.

    For all the other things happening through that ansible role, we would have to go through them one by one and test accordingly. We will not support running such hardening scripts automatically, there are too many of these out there. So if there are really good reasons to disable/configure system components for security we can investigate. Often security roles don't even apply to Cloudron if the corresponding components are not even used.