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  • Hello, would really like that activesync would be working 🙂

  • I would +1 on this. While email service with Cloudron is great for end uses, its hard for people to configure all services such as contacts, calendars, and email. You have to setup CardDAV, CalDAV and IMAP/SMTP. It would be nice to have a single way, such as ActiveSync, to enable customers and non-IT users to easily setup their laptops/smartphones.

  • Isn't this met by using the Sogo app? Personally I don't like the Sogo app especially with the mail interface so I chose not to use it, but if I really wanted Activesync for keeping emails, contacts, and calendars in sync... wouldn't I just accomplish that using Sogo? I think that's the answer, unless I've misunderstood the initial reason for wanting activesync.

  • Staff

    While SOGo does indeed support activesync, we haven't figured out a way in the Cloudron package to enable it so far. There is some information at

  • @nebulon Oh interesting, I didn't realize it wasn't supported yet, just assumed it was. Thanks for pointing it out, that changes some of my future plans then. 😏