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UNSOLVED Proxy subdomain from root domain

  • I need to serve a Cloudron application on my root domain but from the subdomain it's installed on (for some port or ports) Essentially creating a reverse proxy but since there are no reverse proxy apps for Cloudron, how would I do it? Ideally I'd like to serve completely different services on other ports such as web at 443.

  • Staff

    I don't really understand the use-case for the portmapping as such, but it is unlikely Cloudron will support much further customization on the portmapping.

    Regarding the first question, is the redirect feature helping here?

  • Sorry for being unclear. What I need is the to be able to use the root domain as handle for federated app accounts such as Matrix/Synapse, Mastodon, PixelFed, PeerTube etc:
    instead of

    Have you ever considered enabling some special configuration options for root domains in Cloudron? Like, there's already an Nginx proxy in front of every rootdomain, right? Perhaps it'd be possible for some light, sandboxed customizations of said proxy.

  • Staff

    I see what you mean now. We haven't worked towards the use-case of such federated account handles yet. It will require some more thoughts spent on the topic. There are also the special DNS records for discoverability of such services, which likely play into this as well.

    To be clear, currently this is not possible and we are not focusing on this in the next release at least. But it is good to start collecting the requirements for this.

  • Alright, thank you for considering it for future releases. I'm thinking that hacking the LAMP app to make Apache do the reverse proxying might solve it for now, but I've yet to try that.

  • Well using the LAMP app didn't work, because reasons. 😕

  • @nebulon Would a simple Cloudron app with just the nginx reverse proxy configuration work?