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  • Possible feature request: bind address on the app level. This would essentially allow for creating internal services reachable only from a company subnet, the IP of a VPN tunnel and more.

    I imagine a good placement for this setting in the GUI is the Advanced tab of the app configuration window.

  • Staff

    Not exactly sure what the use-case for this is or what you mean with "bind address" as such. If you just want to have apps installed within your private network, thus the public resolving wont work, you have to select the noop backend for that domain. Is that what you were looking for?

  • @nebulon Sorry for being unclear. What I mean is the ability to configure specific apps to accept connections from a specific IP or IP subnet. for example, or perhaps

    I figure the feature will be easy to implement since every app is reverse proxied by an nginx instance. ?

  • Staff

    Thanks for the clarification, however this seems to be quite out of scope for Cloudron. Generally we try to keep things simple and cover the most common use-cases for running apps. Instead you could put an external firewall in front of your server, which only allows incoming traffic from those IPs or subnets. Most VPS provider have external firewall support.

  • Thanks for clarifying. I could do that, but I’m only looking to put certain apps behind IP restriction, not all of them.