Separate Cloudron from Main Web Server

  • Hello dear Forum Members,

    I just installed Ubuntu 18.04 with Cloudron. I have moved the dashboard to a subdomain named "" Now I would like to have a standard nginx webserver under my main domain. But unfortunately I land on "" every time I call the main domain (""). Is there any way to separate the two applications without using a new ip?

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  • Hi there, Cloudron is not designed to run anything on the side of it on the same server. There is already an nginx reverse proxy installed, however manually changing the configuration for it will lead to issues, since many actions from the Cloudron dashboard would overwrite or recreate the configs. If you just want a simple webserver installed on a domain on Cloudron, take a look at the LAMP app or if you just need static content the surfer app might work as well.

  • @nebulon What about building a lemp stack app then? That would work 🙂

  • @DerKarim You can use the lamp app without a subdomain to get the desired result but with apache. I can build a custom nginx (lemp app) for cloudron if you wanna move this to PM's for a bit.

  • What is your use-case for which you need nginx instead of apache?

  • @nebulon A user seems to be requesting it. That's it for me really. That said, some times a user just prefers to use nginx instead of apache.

  • Unless there is a good reason for it and a use-case which is not yet covered by something readily available, it makes no sense to invest time.

  • Is there any update on this ?

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