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Mattermost alternative import method

  • Hello 🙂
    I am running a Mattermost server on a Bitnami installation [version 5.10.0 with mysql] and I want to move it to Cloudron. Although, generally the Bulk export and import works it doesn't migrate the private messages and private group messages. With Mattermost 5.10. this should be working according to the Mattermost docs.

    Therefore, I was trying to migrate the mysql database to Cloudron but I wasn't able to. Is there a way to import a mysql database to the Clourdon Mattermost or does somebody know why my direct messages are not migrated?

    Thank you for your help 🙂

  • Wait why would you say in 5.10 you can import/export no problem but then try to migrate mysql?? Just import/export like you would on any other server?

  • Staff

    @leon I assume you already tried to follow

    For the mysql integration, you could attempt to import the sql dump via the terminal into the Cloudron mattermost app. More info on the terminal can be found here (that window has a button to inject the required mysql command/credentials for convenience)

  • thank you for your replies. I found the error in a complete different field. A custom emoji crashed the bulk export. After deleting this I could perform the export as planned and the import to Cloudron worked as described in the documentation. Still thank you for your efforts.

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