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Cloudron 4 released

  • Staff

    Hi all,
    We released Cloudron 4 now. The blog has more details about the release.


    • SFTP access is built into the platform. As of this release, WordPress, Surfer and LAMP apps support SFTP access. You can get the SFTP credentials from the i button in the app grid. Note that the username for each app is different!
    • App tags and labels - this lets you easily categorize and search app. The current UI is very basic, we hope to iterate on this. Feedback welcome.
    • Scaleway Object Storage backend for backups
    • Easier email import. There is some basic docs on how to use imapsync here
    • Unmanaged WordPress app - this app allows you to edit WordPress code unlike the existing WordPress app. Since, we let you edit the code, we won't deal with updates either. You can to use the WPs built-in updater for that. Docs for this app are here. Currently, this app is marked as unstable. So, you have to enable the unstable flag in settings before you can install it/see it in your Cloudron.
    • Immediate App Update notifications
    • Backups created right before an app update are retained for upto 3 weeks. This lets admins roll back in case they notice some breakage late.
    • Community/Unstable apps. There's been a lot of app packaging going on and we can't keep up with testing of all the apps. So, we will get them all listed in the coming weeks, so others can easily test them out.
    • Upstream app version is now listed in the app info dialog
    • Support for email relays that do not require authentication and self-signed certificates
    • Cloudron updates can now be applied without taking a full backup. This was added for situations where there might a bug in the backup logic and an upcoming Cloudron update fixes the backup issue.
    • Add a way to disable outbound mail for a domain. Email -> Outbound -> Select Disabled

  • Good work! I look forward to test new apps. Email import is exciting too.

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