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SOLVED Kanboard Unable to run SQL migrations

  • Hi All,

    I've just recently installed Kanboard and tried to run it - however, I get the following error:
    Internal Error: Unable to run SQL migrations: Running migration \Schema\version_129, SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1170 BLOB/TEXT column 'name' used in key specification without a key length (You may have to fix it manually)

    Can anyone help with what this means and what I need to do?

  • Staff

    @Fyerix This appears to be and Is this a new installation?

    From what I understand, they didn't name the constraints properly, so you have to figure the name and drop them. For Cloudron:

    • Take a snapshot of the app by clicking the Create backup button in the backup dialog of the app. This way if you do something wrong, you can restore it.
    • Open a web terminal and click the MySQL button. This gives you a connection to the database
    • show create table projects; This should give you name of the unique key contraints like name_3 and name_4.
    • Then:
      ALTER TABLE `projects` DROP INDEX `name_3`
      ALTER TABLE `projects` DROP INDEX `name_4`

  • @girish Many thanks for that! That did the trick 🙂