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  • Hi Cloudronists!

    right now, every notification triggers an email, and there's not way to turn it off.
    Which is kinda good, but I don't always need to know. For example my wordpress apps are updated regularly and I don't want to receive the same notification for each app.
    On top of that if I have one important notification (app crashed for example), and 50 update notifications, it will be easy to miss it.

    I think there's two consideration at hand:

    • enabling/disabling email notifications
    • more granular notification system (to filter out the trivial from the important)

    Do anyone has a similar issue? Is there something that can be done to improve this?

  • Staff

    Until there are better or more fine granular ones, there is always the option to create email filters in your email account to get a better overview, while still being informed.