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Graphite issues.

  • Hello. First post here. Super noob when it comes to coding.

    So Graphite, is it supposed to always be ornage/yellow color in System? Can't restart it, Cloudron crashes just visiting the page (goes offline). Tried the docs where restarting docker but that brings even more problems whereas I need to reboot the server and then run "" just to get the apps to run and even the. Graphite dosnt load all the way.

    Even though everything is working perfectly, I have this weird feeling that the lag my server is facing is due to Graphite.


  • Staff

    Hi there,

    it is supposed to have a green status indicator. It is not essential for apps to run, but it still is important for resource usage metrics. Have you tried to increase the memory limit for that service through the System view in your dashboard?

  • @nebulon nevermind. It fixed itself. Weird. 🤔

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