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Curious how other Cloudron users organize their apps

  • Just curious how others organize their Cloudron "My Apps" dashboard. Do you use the labels feature much or just descriptive app URLs to keep them organized? Do you bother with tags? And if you use tags, what are some examples you do to solve problems?

    I currently have about 20 apps deployed across roughly 12 domains, and am not having too much difficulty yet with organization but I can imagine a year or two down the road (if I'm still using Cloudron which I assume I will be for now) I may run into issues keeping everything straight in the Dashboard, so figured I'd see what problems people have run into and what they've done to solve them when it comes to organizing their apps.

  • Staff

    This is an excellent question and also relevant and useful for us to get to know. I am sure we can improve the view over time depending on it is used 🙂

  • I have 18 differents domains with 46 apps at present.

    As of now, I don'(t extensively use tagging, because the tag selector is a multiselect, which means I have to unselect my previous selection to switch context, which is too much trouble for me to use.
    I don't really use domain switchign because, selection with dropdown is a bit awkward to work with once you have a pretty long amount of items. (and it resets once you quit the page)

    So I haven't been really happy with the way it works.

    Thinking about it, a structure like the App Store, but configurable would probably be a pretty decent way organizing it.
    The default homepage could show Favorite Apps (instead of "Popular"), Tags instead of "Categories" and with a "Search" and "All" filter, we could get all sorted. (pun intended^^)

    What would also help would be to have the app meta fields (tags, label and maybe icon) show up before you click install/clone.
    Also, when an app in installed/cloned, it is viewable on every user dashboard, regardless of groups. The access settings can only be done afterwards. So there's a, arguably small privacy issue here. Access should ideally be configurable before app is installed.

    With those two changes, everything (permissions and meta) could be setup and correctly categorized when the app is installed.

    I have no idea how many apps are typically installed on a cloudron, I can totally understand this structure wouldn't be worth it for users with a limited number of apps.
    Though the permissions and meta fields setup at app install/clone time is relevant in any case.

    Finally, there would be a case for merging groups and tags, so users relating to a group can access all apps tagged in this group. Maybe it's a bit too rigid and this is probably a wider conversation because it also encompasses users, emails etc.

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