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SOLVED Backup configuration is (not) unsafe

  • This is a mixture of high-level complaining and a feature request. My backup is stored on a mounted NFS drive and therefore, contrary to the hourly notification, is not insecure. I would love to have the opportunity to turn off this notifications. A possible approach to achieve this is in the screenshot.

    2019-08-11 10_54_20-.png

  • Staff

    The notification warning is issued only if the "Backup directory is an external EXT4 Disk" isn't checked. This is not obvious from the UI but mentioned in the docs

    Of course your use-case is with NFS and not an EXT4 partition, so that checkbox label is even less obvious.

    Would it help to give more detailed information in the notification?

  • Okay I think my request is already solved since I did not read the documentation. I will check the "is an external EXT4 Disk" checkbox for the future 😉 Maybe I did not think it through when I made the setting. On the other hand, the description might be clearer. Thanks in any case for the documentation.

    PS: Haha thank you @nebulon I solved it myself while you where typing. Yes the Checkbox could be more obvious.