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SOLVED How to publish code changes from a Git repository to a Ghost install managed by Cloudron?

  • Our use case is that we will be hosting a website using a Ghost installation managed by Cloudron. We would like to keep the theme files in a Git repository (which could be on Github or self-hosted via one of the Cloudron apps). We would want to sync these files to the Ghost theme directory.

    Additionally, we would like to have dev, staging, and production sites as part of our deploy process. So I imagine we would need three Ghost installs, each mirroring a different Git branch. Is that correct?

    Is the above doable within the Cloudron ecosystem and if so can anyone point me in the right direction to set it up?

  • Okay first you can easily host many different Ghost instances on cloudron and use them as dev/test/stage/prod. Cloudron (Premium plan) has Gitlab as app, so you can create your own CI pipeline to deploy your themes. Since the rest of your questions do not really have to do with cloudron I would suggest you this link:

  • Staff

    Wanted to add, that depending on how you want to push the theme assets to those apps, looks like Ghost itself has an experimental theme api otherwise you could also push file assets from the CI pipeline using the cloudron cli tool

  • Hi @subven and @nebulon: sorry for not replying sooner. In the middle of the project we decided not to use Ghost (or Cloudron) after all. But you gave me a clearer picture of how it could work if we do with another project. Thanks for the tips.

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