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Where shall I host my Nextcloud Server?

  • Hello everyone,,
    For a non-expert and regarding security issues, where would you host your own Nextcloud Server? Directly on your home network or on a VPS?

    Home hosting allows for full control even of the hardware. On the other hand, if exposed your own home network where you connect all your devices is compromised. It also requires further maintenance of the server device.

  • For "non expert with focus on security" there is no straight answer. The easiest way is to grab a hosted Nextcloud from one of the many providers. Since you can encrypt your data, this should be no problem.

    The second option is to get a VPS/Root and Install Nextcloud. There are good offers at Netcup (2,69 for a small VPS) and they have OS images with preinstalled Nextcloud. Remember that If you run your own server you are always responsible for everything. One step harder is to get a clean OS and install something like Cloudron to host Nextcloud. If you just want Nextcloud for yourself and nothing else, Cloudron is a bit oversized.

    The third option is to keep everything at home. You can install Cloudron + Nextcloud on your Homeserver. You can also buy something like a Synology Diskstation (NAS) and install Nextcloud and a VPN server (included in the Diskstation App software bundle). For home NAS + Nextcloud, a VPN is strongly recommended. With a VPN you are pretty safe but your access is limited and it's not hassle free.

  • Staff

    I host it at home 🙂 But I can recommend using VPS from hetzner and if you want more storage you can use

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