Failed to install app. Not registered (424)

  • when i install app, by:

    cloudron install --appstore-id org.wordpress.cloudronapp

    cloudron cli print issue:
    ERROR Failed to install app. Not registered (424)

    and when run

    cloudron build

    got this error:
    dev group permissions required

    please help!

  • @hoangweb did you run "cloudron login" first?

  • yes, i have to login before run cloudrun install

  • @hoangweb the initial installation should work if you have logged into the appstore in your Cloudron dashboard.

    For the latter issue about the dev group permission, this is because we currently have to limit access to our app package build service to build custom packages. But since you appear to install the regular WordPress app using the --appstore-id I think the build should not be necessary anyways.

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