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  • 📩🛡 Email privacy. Anonymously send and receive with alias forwarding.

  • This looks great, +1!

  • App Dev

    Hi @hiyukoim,

    reading the description of the project it requires to be able to receive emails directly, which would interfere with the standard mail functionality of Cloudron.

    But as long as its your own server and your own (mail) its hardly anonymous anyways.

  • @fbartels
    for the word of "anonymous" I just copy-and-pasted their tagline 😂

    Their SAAS version is great as is if you just want send/receive email anonymously.

    But I want to have control of my email (even if it's less important emails).
    Ptorx was interesting because it's a great way to keep our inbox clean. (e.g. separating all those newsletters and emails from an actual human being.)

    At the moment, default Cloudron email needs a lot of steps to reply as type of email (as far as I know).
    When I hit a reply, I have to use and it's hard to automate filtering.
    So I thought this would solve a problem.