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The DNS record for this location already exists. Cloudron does not remove existing DNS records. Manually remove the DNS record and then click on repair.

  • How do I get around this.

  • Staff

    In such a case you would have to go to your DNS provider panel and remove the domain in question there, then reconfigure/repair the app in the Cloudron dashboard. We are working on an override feature at the moment though.

  • Staff

    @PRajShar To clarify what this error is trying to say: Let's assume that you have an existing website app (i.e external to Cloudron) on Now, you go to Cloudron and try to install an app in the domain Cloudron will detect that the DNS already has an entry for this and fail with the above error. To fix this, go to your DNS provider and remove the entry. Then in Cloudron, click the Repair (wrench icon) and it should work.

    Alternately, just use another subdomain or something.

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