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Wordpress Migration Confusion

  • So I tried using my go to Wordpress Migration tool WPSynchro and everything appeared to go as normal. The entire process took 13 minutes, but when I went to my cloudron installation (unmanaged wordpress) it was still a fresh installation with just WPschrncro on it. Its like I never ran the sync process. Nothing happened.

    Any ideas?

  • @derin What's the exact process used to setup WPSynchro?

  • Well it seems I was mistaken. It has copied most of the site, It just never finished the proceess. So it never finished the process. i just didnt look at the log errors. I'm guessing its a permissions issue. It uses the rest api. It lets me choose which files and database tables I want to migrate. Then does database first, then files and then deletes the old ones if I have chosen that option.

  • Staff

    Is there anything which needs solving then or can it be closed? If this is a permissions issue, maybe the package needs to be adjusted?

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