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SOLVED Feature request: sort tables for mailboxes and mailing lists

  • Hello,

    A minor feature request (really more an enhancement) but would really help when needing to manually run through something where many mailboxes or mailing lists exist... It'd be great if we had the ability to sort the tables. So for example, we could sort the mailboxes table by Name, Owner, Aliases (although this one would be tricky as it'd only sort on the most alphabetic nature of the aliases listed with the mailbox), etc. Same for mailing lists, where we could sort by Name and List Members (mostly Name is the main one to sort with though).

    Or even if an interim enhancement would be to just sort automatically by Name in each list, that'd be helpful. Because right now when I add a new mailing list for example, it just adds it at the bottom and later on it's still there, meaning I cannot see at a glance if a mailing list exists that I may be wanting to double-check, because it's not sorted properly so I then need to use the Find functionality of my browser.

    Hopefully the above makes sense.

  • Staff

    This does make a lot of sense, I will see what we can add there. Maybe even some search filtering similar to the users view.

  • Staff

    I've added default sorting by name for mailinglists (mailboxes are already sorted that way) also there is a search box now, which filters the lists accordingly, making it much nicer to spot things right away compared to only the highlights the browser search offers.

  • You guy are are amazing and fast, thank you! 🙂