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    Hi All,
    Since we have released support for custom apps, we have received quite a bit of feedback about the CLI too. I thought I will consolidate them here (and what we are going to do about it).

    • No way to integrate with CI/CD. We are adding global options: --token and --server to help with automation.
    • If a bad docker image name (say a typo) is passed to cloudron install --image <image>, it ends up in a unrecoverable state. This is a bug in the platform code, we will push an update coming week to fix this. For now, just uninstall the app and start over. If this was an existing app, just roll back to the previous backup.
    • It's not obvious that cloudron install also does an update. For some reason, we never thought about this obvious one 🙂 We will make cloudron install for installing new apps and cloudron update for updating apps.
    • Updating an existing app with the CLI does not currently create a backup. So one can end up losing data if they push over an existing app. We will make cloudron update to backup by default with a flag to skip the backup.
    • User/Domain/Email/Other management subcommands - The CLI tool's scope currently is only for app development and nothing more. We won't put in effort to implement these subcommands in the CLI tool for now atleast. But if you want to contribute, you are welcome to. Cloudron has a full REST API, so this should be straightforward.
    • Many misleading/obscure error messages. This is also getting fixed.

    Hopefully, we should push out major CLI release in the coming days. If you had any other workflow issues, please post it here.

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    We have published CLI tool 4.0.0 with the fixes.

  • --no-backup isn't documented from what I can tell.

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    The latest CLI should give you this:

    $ cloudron update --help
    Usage: cloudron update [options]
    Update app
      --app <id/location>     App id or location
      --image <docker image>  Docker image
      --no-backup             Skip backup [false]
      --no-wait               Wait for healthcheck to succeed [false]
      --no-force              Match appstore id and backup the app before updating
      -h, --help              output usage information

  • @girish Good! I meant in the web docs though.