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ProtonMail support

  • Hey Guys,
    Proton Mail is the gold standard for privacy and security in email. I notice there are some third party integrations for email forwarding in the email settings. Is there any way to use Proton Mail to be able to send and receive mail for Cloudron? They seem to use a bridge app to interface with typical mail clients.

    Are there other alternatives that I should be thinking of?

    TL/DR: Proton Mail is secure, how can I use it with Cloudron. Other options?



  • Staff

    As you may know, Cloudron has a built-in email solution (imap/smtp/sieve). This is optional an can be enabled per domain. Sending emails must always work though, for example to send password reset emails. For this Cloudron supports a bunch of email relay providers. Not sure, maybe Proton Mail can be added for this scenario? I am not super familiar with their service though.

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