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How to check port status?

  • Hi guys, from your experience, how can we check the status of the email ports

    The following TCP ports must be opened in the firewall for Cloudron to receive email:

    Inbound and Outbound Port 25
    Inbound Port 587 (SMTP/STARTTLS)
    Inbound Port 993 (IMAPS)
    Inbound Port 4190 (ManageSieve for email filters)

    Thank you!

  • So Cloudron will manage that for you on your Ubuntu setup, that the docs are referring to are your network settings. This really depends on if you are at home, running Cloudron in the cloud on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or somewhere else.
    If you want to check your Ubuntu ports to make sure Cloudron is doing its job, check out the below link.

    If you'd like help with making sure your network is setup right, give us more info on where and how your Cloudron is hosted.

  • Hi, thanks for that basically my setup is on netcup VPS. I usually use PuTTy ssh to connect on windows. I ran the command in the post you sent:

    sudo lsof -i -P -n | grep LISTEN. I saw a list of nginx, docker-pr, sshd... & was able to see the numbered ports.

    Some emails I receive but some from other sites (like confirmation, pass reset email) don’t seem to go through so I wanted to check for the ports.

  • The emails I retreive through Mozilla Thunderbird. i tried test send/receive emails with gmail, yahoo, outlook, yandex—it works fine. Some info i just got is the sender uses Amazon SES for mail delivery.

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