• Hi all,
    I have just published FilePizza as an unstable app.

    App store link:

  • How about we could change the Toppings? Like a localization - or even add own one? It is possible through their

  • This could be done by configuring the /app/code/src/toppings.js

  • Shouldn’t each pizza get procedurally generated topping based on the filename or something? 🤓

  • @yusf Well it is correct that each pizza get's a random selection of toppings. These toppings then will be part of the URL. What i mean is that we could change the name of the toppings and / or the localization, so translate them.
    This is the content of the toppings.js

    export default [

    And i think it would be great if we could just change these to whatever we want. So filepizza uses the words / ingeredients / toppings we set randomly.

    export default [
    ``` and so on.

  • Oh, I see. I agree, though with somewhat low priority 🙂

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