Wildcard or manual DNS

  • Dear Team,

    Can you help me, I have install on-premises cloudron server all is set and done. now I created even PTR records on my internal DNS server and even host file of host where cloudron is still still it will not resolve the dns name.

    any how it went to do manual and i put my in domain and do next it gets stuck at Waiting for DNS of my.my.

    Any help please



  • Can any body help me with my domain issue, I even have public domain mapped still it wont work

  • Hi @abasitali Cloudron will attempt to resolve the DNS records with regards to the public IP address. Since you said you have an internal DNS server and hosting on-premise, can you give a bit more information about the setup? It could also help if you send a quick mail to support@cloudron.io with mentioning the domain, if you don't want to have it publicly known here, that way we can maybe see if things resolve correctly from our side.

    If this is not a public server, please checkout the docs at https://cloudron.io/documentation/networking/#private-dns