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Other pricing model for small installation

  • Hello,

    I use Cloudron in two installations and I think I would prefer a different pricing model.

    I would like to install more than 2 apps, but also not more than 5 at the most, so 30 dollars per month is too much for a private installation.

    I think you could do 2 apps for free, if you want to install a maximum of 5 apps, then you buy a one-time license for a small amount and if you want to use Cloudron to its full potential, then you can buy the subscription.

    For example 20-25 € one-time would be an acceptable amount, but I don't want to seem too brazen either. I know such a development was time consuming and expensive and you have to try to get the money back in, but I think a cost/benefit ratio should be reasonable.

  • Staff


    thanks for your feedback on our pricing structure, we keep on iterating on our pricing, so we will take this into consideration.


  • The price list Cloudron have right now could be fine if you use more application
    Right now I'm using only one application + the mail
    but later I plan to use 3 or max 5 apps.
    I consider maintaining one apps to have access to the dev license but also a better price list would be appreciate
    maybe something like this:

    0-2 = Free
    3-9 = 10$/m

  • There's a dev license?

  • Staff

    We offer a dev license for upstream projects, which develop apps, which can be packaged for Cloudron.

  • @nebulon said in Other pricing model for small installation:

    dev license

    and for the dev license, it is one dev license per server/installation ?