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  • I'm a complete newbie with Cloudron, so please excuse me if I'm missing something obvious: I've installed the Nextcloud 18, using Cloudron users. after that I was able to see my demo LDAP user inside the Nextcloud. But when I create another user in Cloudron, I can't see it in the Nextcloud. I've tried to use its LDAP debugging tools - everything seems to be working, but new user and group aren't found.

    What am I missing?

  • Staff

    @miloskroulik My understanding is that LDAP sync in nextcloud takes around 10 mins for the user to reflect. If the user logs into nextcloud, it should start reflecting immediately.

  • I've just tried that again, the user is still not seen by the Nextcloud. So the only option is user logging into Nextcloud?

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    @miloskroulik In some forums for OC, I have seen an occ command that one can run manually - . I am going to try this now and see if it works in nextcloud.

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    @miloskroulik OK, found it. Try this in the web terminal of the nextcloud app.

    sudo -u www-data php -f /app/code/occ ldap:check-user --update <username>

    I find that the sync happens sometimes but sometimes not. There seems to be no clear docs on how to set a sync interval.

  • @girish said in LDAP sync in Nextcloud:

    sudo -u www-data php -f /app/code/occ ldap:check-user --update

    Thanks, unfortunately, it didn't help. First of all, while this might work, the fact that it requires a username of a user means that I can't set up CRON command to sync users easily.

    But I also wasn't able to make it work when using email address of user as a username (I didn't find a way to specify separate username), it simply fails with The given user is not a recognized LDAP user. Which probably makes sense, because sudo -u www-data php -f /app/code/occ help ldap:check-user says that the parameter should be the user name as used in Nextcloud so it looks like it's intended to resync users that are already synced to Nextcloud.

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    @miloskroulik Might be best to take this up in the nextcloud forum. Atleast, I can't find any docs on when the syncing happens and how it can be triggered manually.

    The --update <username> did end up doing a proper ldap search in my installation (as seen in the /home/yellowtent/platformdata/logs/box.log). I had run ldap:list (or maybe it was ldap:search, i forget) previously and it did not list the user. After the update, it listed the user.