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  • Good morning,

    does anybody know which ports Collabora use?

    My problem is, that I can use Collabora at home and mobile with my cellphone, but not in my company?
    If I would like to create or open a document I see only the progressbar to load Collabora, but nothing happens further.

    I have no clue, why only in my company it doesn't work.

    Thanks & regards,

  • Staff

    Collabora and nextcloud will just talk to each other locally (they are just containers running on your server).

    Some ideas to help debug:

    • Do you use a different machine at work and else where? Could any browser extension be at work?
    • Do you see any errors in the browser console?
    • Does your work use a proxy? (this shouldn't matter but asking anyway)

  • Good evening,

    thanks for reply. I look tomorrow with another browser. In my work I use a Windows 10 Pro with typical High-End Firewall of my IT department, I don't really know it.

    At home I use a iMac Late 2009 with Mojave and Chrome and on my cellphone Android 8.1 and Chrome as well.

    It can be possible that my company use a proxy server.

    And I can't see any log/terminal in my company. Nothing works and I didn't see any error message.

  • i have the same Problem
    at home i use Cloudron 4.4.4 there int runs fine, but yesterday i installed a new clorudron installation v. 4.4.5 and ther i have problems with collabora.
    when i open a word file from nextcloud the first time it opens, but when i close the file and 30s later i open it again collabora doesnt load, it stays at 1% loading and i cant opan any other file.