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Healthcheck for protected custom Node apps

  • Hi All-

    I have a custom Node app that runs smoothly and passes the Healthcheck when the homepage is not protected.

    However, if I try to protect the whole app including the homepage, I get "Not Responding" in my dashboard. I saw that for LAMP apps there is an easy fix here by editing the .htaccess file -- but how do I fix this for a Node app?

    Sincere thanks,


  • Staff

    This would highly depend on the kind of node app. For LAMP there is a http server (apache) running, which serves up a folder tree. This may or may not be the case for a nodejs server, but it is part of the app code itself and there is no such universal concept of htaccess like for apache.

    Which nodejs app are you referring to?

  • Staff

    @pdubs For custom apps, simply add a special route in your nodejs app like /cloudron_healthcheck and make it return a http status code 200. Then fixup the healthCheckPath of your app's CloudronManifest.json.

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