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  • Hi there,

    Is there any chance Confluence might be updated to version 7.3 from the current 7.2 ?

    I gave it a try with the free cloud version and I really preferred the new Notion-like interface. So I was a bit disappointed when I realised 7.2 was quite different from 7.3...


  • Staff

    hi @bentom, thanks for the heads up. Will push an update this week.

    Generally, we are quite pro-active about pushing out updates. We use an app called release bell to track releases. Currently, that app can only monitor github repo. Since confluence only has a web site (and with no rss as well), it's kinda hard to keep track when new release happen.

  • Hi @girish,

    That's great news!! Thanks a lot for the update and the responsiveness.


  • Staff

    @bentom Pushed 7.3 update