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DevPorn please: Which tools Cloudron team are using ?

  • @nebulon and @girish I'm curious about which tools are you using and why, such as:

    1. the tools are included in Cloudron, such as an example:

    • Phabricator, Confluence or Redmine...
    • Dokuwiki or Wiki.JS...
    • Collabora or OpenOffice...

    2 the apps which are proposed to be a part of Cloudron but you already use

    3. the tools you would never consider being available in Cloudron but you use professionally or for personal use

    • LastPass or KeepassXC...
    • Mac or Windows...
    • XFCE, Gnome or KDE...
    • ...

  • Staff

    @JOduMonT Happy to answer!

    Almost everything we use is self-hosted on Cloudron. As a general rule, we don't use an external service unless we can avoid it and prefer self-hosting. The services are spread over 3 separate servers. We use:

    • GitLab (code hosting)
    • NodeBB (this forum)
    • Mailtrain (for our newsletter). We are considering moving to Mautic
    • WordPress (internal blog)
    • Wekan (internal roadmap)
    • Email (Cloudron email)
    • Rocket.Chat (our public chat)
    • Matomo (used in analytics)
    • CodiMD (for all tech/design docs)
    • Nextcloud (for files, docs, calendar, contacts). There is also an onlyoffice install.
    • EspoCRM - our CRM data
    • Hastebin - Our pasteboard
    • Teamspeak - all our conf calls these days. We used to use jitsi but last 4-5 meetings have been over teamspeak which works very well!
    • Releasebell (for tracking upstream projects)
    • Buildbot (for building our apps)
    • There is also 4-5 internal custom apps we have for statistics, CLA, surveys, CI app.

    Stuff not hosted on Cloudron is and our appstore code. This is currently on AWS. If I were to do this today, I would just put it on DigitalOcean or Linode because I think they are far simpler and more appropriate for our use case.

    We use Postmark for mail relay for some notifications from AWS (highly recommend it!). Note that our email goes straight from our DO servers and we have not had any problem with it.

    We will probably start moving to self-hosted mastodon at some point (Currently, at I am not 100% sure of the benefits of moving from Rocket.Chat to matrix (We have gazillion private groups on Rocket.Chat for our customers, will be hard to migrate).

    We use BlackBox for secret management. It is then hosted on our gitlab. Basically, it's a way to encrypt files using GPG and revision them. Bitwarden is probably a candidate to replace it, though we are quite happy to keep using Blackbox.

    I use Ubuntu/Gnome (@nebulon uses Arch). No Mac or Windows 🙂

  • Staff

    For my personal stuff, I have 2 cloudron servers. One is my primary email (in digitalocean). Another is at home, it is a Thinkcenter M600. The apps I use are the usual suspects - WordPress (4 blogs in total), Emby, CodiMD, MediaWiki, TinyTinyRSS, Gogs, Wallabag. I spin up an OpenVPN server often to access geo locked content as well. My email server backs up to a minio installation on my home cloudron.

  • @girish thank for so much insight and trust

    I'm personally addict of github and wonder why it is worst than using because they are both hosted on AWS (ok I know why I should care because gitlab is open source)

    • As a user I prefer NodeBB over Discourse
    • I'm full on Mautic, while Mailtrain is a great project but still lack of documentation
    • GravCMS over WordPress even if I used wordpress for more than 10years, it is just simply easier and faster for everything
    • Wekan (internally yes), but for public project i believe Taiga help to make better democratic decision.
    • Rocket.Chat 🙂
    • Matomo of course
    • I consider CodiMD but TiddlyWiki is great for my non-sense
    • Nextcloud
    • I considere OnlyOffice but have a hard time to understand their license mode
    • EspoCRM interesting, even if you switch to Mautic ? Do you use extra plugin or the basic ?
    • Hastebin, I prefer DistBin, only because it is compatible Activitypub but don't really exploit this
    • Teamspeak glad to hear 🙂

    Why Cloudron ?

    After being certified LFCS with RedHat, felt in love with rolling version with Arch and OpenSUSE I to narrowing down my expertise to DEBIAN and derivative (Proxmox, OpenMediaVault, ...). I choose Cloudron over other projects mainly because your development is stable and have a business model, your isolate every container by design and other project like YunoHost seams to offer more their apps maintenance is pretty precarious.

    Of course I'm able to develop and maintain my own server/docker stack but, personally I believe my 30$ worth more in your hand than in my hand for this part.

  • @girish said in DevPorn please: Which tools Cloudron team are using ?:

    Hastebin - Our pasteboard

    Suprised by that. I tried it out and pretty much unusable on mobile. PrivateBin way better imho 🙂 (responsive and more features too)

    What mail client are you using? Just local ones? or Roundcube/ Rainloop? or something else?

  • Staff

    We are quite attached to hastebin since it's one of the first apps that we packaged on Cloudron 🙂

    For mail client, I use thunderbird on desktop and k9 on android. I use rainloop to setup filters. The thunderbird managesieve extension is not the best.

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