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NextCloud still on 18.0.0 even though 18.0.1 is available

  • Hello... if I install a new NextCloud App in Cloudron it installs 18.0.1 but my existing Apps are still stuck on 18.0.0... they don't show that an update is available even if I click on "Check for Updates".

    Is this normal (ie are updates delayed for stability) or should we be able to upgrade our 18.0.0 to 18.0.1? If so, how?


  • Staff

    @fjonker We roll out updates in batches to keep support requests manageable and also not wholesale break all nextcloud cloudron installations in a single shot. I guess your cloudron is not part of the whitelist yet for the update. New installations always get the latest package and this is why the new one is on 18.0.1

    If you want it urgently, if you can write to with your domain name and we can whitelist your cloudron.

  • Thanks! Makes sense! I'll message support.