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Firefly III without LDAP?

  • Hi all 🙂

    Would it be possible to have Firefly III without LDAP? Most app have LDAP integration as an option, and it would also make sense for some usecases here too.

    Thanks for looking into it.

  • There is already a Firefly III app in the app store. Why do you want to have it without ldap?

  • Staff

    @ruihildt can you explain your specific use-case for that, so we can better understand how and why to provide it? Thanks.

  • Right now with cloudron, some apps supports LDAP, some don't.

    If I need to do a cloudron setup comprising apps that are all LDAP, I of course use LDAP in order to get one login to rule them all.

    But if I do a cloudron setup where an app is not LDAP, I prefer to have all app not using LDAP.
    It's confusing to have to explain to people that for those X apps, you need to use the same login, but for those X apps, it's separate logins, even though it's all based on the same main domain.

    That's why I prefer to have both LDAP and non LDAP version of an app available.

    In the case of Firefly, I think LDAP is even less useful, because it's personal finance and probably less useful in an organization context. For example, if I want to give a Firefly instance for a friend, I don't need to have an additional LDAP user. I'd prefer to have the friend has its own login with the app.

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