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Cloudron 5.1 released

  • Staff

    We released Cloudron 5.1 for all now. See the blog for screenshots and more info.

    • TURN Service - This allows completely private P2P voice/video and data transfer. We have updated Kopano Meet, Nextcloud Talk, Matrix Synapse and FilePizza to use this built-in turn server. No configuration needed from your side, just make sure you are running Cloudron 5.1!
    • We have released Mastodon. For supporting federated apps like Mastodon and Matrix, we have added support for .well-known URIs (docs)
    • Mail eventlog now has search and filter options
    • Disk graphs are now sorted by usage (thanks to @d19dotca for the suggestion)
    • Apps that have automatic backups disabled are now listed in the Backups view (thanks to @d19dotca for the suggestion)
    • Dropped support for TLSv1 and TLSv1.1 (thanks to @zerononcense)
    • Support for ECC certs (thanks to @zerononcense for helping us test)
    • Docker addon is now more secure (thanks to @iamthefij for reporting)
    • fix bug with listing of >25 mailboxes and aliases
    • branding: make the login page title show cloudron name
    • mail fix incorrect eventlog db perms

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