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SOLVED How to use Cloudron's COTURN server with non-Cloudron apps

  • I am setting up a self-hosted install of Linphone's Flexisip Server (to issue domain-specific SIP accounts) which user's will access via Linphone's desktop and mobile apps.

    Linphone STUN:TURN credentials.png

    How do I find these relevant Cloudron COTURN credentials to share with the users?

  • Staff

    Currently the coturn is managed like an addon, however it is always available, even if no app requiring that addon is installed. So you can use it from an external service.

    The only caveat here is that you need to somehow obtain the TURN password. For this currently you have to install an app, which uses the turn addon like kopano-meet and then use the webterminal into that app and run env | grep CLOUDRON_TURN to list the relevant settings. Once your external service works with those settings, you can safely remove the app again.

    Maybe we should improve that in the future.

  • @nebulon Got the credentials. Thanks!