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SOLVED Where should I upload static files on Ghost within Cloudron?

  • In my case, I'm looking at a Ghost app installation. I'm wondering is there a place I can upload files via sFTP that would stay there through updates? These are files that are outside of the theme, but aren't supported within the Ghost editor. For instance, a small mp4 video needs to be displayed on a page.

    Right now I'm looking at /home/yellowtent/appsdata/[id]/data/content/images/video as an example. Anything there is nicely available at [domain]/content/images/video/yourfile.mp4 but I want to make sure I'm not hacking something together when there's a better way. Specifically I think the challenge I'm facing is with not understanding Cloudron's security policies (I'm glad they're so tight) and that's probably why I couldn't find a way to put them anywhere else.

    I'd love to hear if there's another solution, and perhaps a more broadly applicable solution (not just with Ghost) for anyone else trying to host static files on a Cloudron server. Perhaps what's needed is a static file server, but ideally it's all within the app for now.

  • Staff

    Everything within data/content/ should be safe across updates from Cloudron side. I am not sure how Ghost itself is managing that folder though, but I assume it does not start cleaning up those directories.

  • Staff

    @explore It should be fine to put files there. All data under /app/data is backed up as well.