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  • Staff

    You can use this thread to track updates to the Shaarli package.

    Please open issues in a separate topic instead of replying here.

  • Staff


    • Update base image to 2.0.0
    • Update PHP to 7.3
  • Staff


    • Run apache on port 8000
    • Make php.ini customizable
    • Add forum url
    • Update screenshots
  • Staff


    • Update Shaarli to 0.12.0
    • Full changelog
    • Thumbnailer: add to list of common media domains
    • Markdown rendering is now integrated into Shaarli core
    • Add autofocus on tag cloud filter input
    • Japanese translations
    • Support for local anchor URL (starting with #)
    • Make php.ini customizable
  • Staff


  • Staff


    • Update Shaarli to 0.12.1
    • Full changelog
    • Bulk creation of bookmarks
    • Server administration tool page (and install page requirements)
    • Support any tag separator, not just whitespaces
    • Share a private bookmark using a URL with a token
    • Add a setting to retrieve bookmark metadata asynchronously (enabled by default)
    • Highlight fulltext search results
    • Weekly and monthly view/RSS feed for daily page
    • MarkdownExtra formatter
    • Default formatter: add a setting to disable auto-linkification
    • Add mutex on datastore I/O operations to prevent data loss
    • REST API: allow override of creation and update dates
    • Add strict types for bookmarks management