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Supporting UX designers in switching to open source alternatives.

  • Hi there,

    I've been looking at Cloudron for a while. Long story short I'm a User-centred designer who works in open source software. I used to be an engineer in a previous career for 10+ years, so I'm drawn towards open source, decentralised self-hosted options. The problem is I'm no longer able to/want to keep up with the new things. I don't want to be the on-call sysadmin after work.

    The Cloudron software (so far I'm trying it out now) is very nice. You handle a lot of the complicated parts of self-hosting nicely (I really like your DNS configuration - it makes a really complicated thing actually achievable).

    I'm part of a group of user-centred designers ( who use (try to as much as possible) open source tools, work on open source projects and advocate for improving usability in open source software.

    One of the most difficult challenges we have is persuading designers to start using open source, and decentralised software. They don't understand the huge number of tools avilable to them.

    Have you considered packaging design related open source applications? Like Presentator for testing design wireframes? You've already got Limesurvey, which I use for carrying out user research. 👍 There's others I can suggest too.

  • Staff

    Hi there, thanks for the kind words 🙂

    I was about to add presentator to our app app request list, however it was already there at

    Please leave a comment there to indicate interest, that will help us gauge a bit what to look at next.